Our Expertise


Corporate Law

At TGB Law, we are experts in providing corporate advice and solutions to corporate law issues, Danish as well as international. We advise on everything from corporate management, shares, formation procedures and general meetings to reconstruction, liquidation, and corporate mergers. Much of our experience is due to long-term cooperation with our clients. In order to provide the best possible advice, we make ourselves acquainted with both your company and the business sector. Our team advises on all types of corporate law issues. We have extensive experience and expertise in everything from large projects to daily business.

Litigation and Arbitration

We conduct a large number of cases before the Danish courts. We have in-depth knowledge of the processes and the practical framework for structuring and presenting cases. With extensive knowledge of the case law, we can guide our clients safely through litigation proceedings and ensure a cost-effective solution. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in handling commercial disputes before the different arbitral institutions.


We have extensive experience in corporate M&A transactions. We advise Danish and international clients in mergers, acquisitions and investments. We also provide M&A-related advice to industrial, institutional and private equity investors.

Real Estate

We have extensive experience in negotiating and executing property sales and purchases, including industrial, retail and residential properties. Furthermore, we have unique knowledge of the law of business leases, including market rent levels and drafting of agreements etc. We invest time and interest in our clients so we can use our specialist knowledge and insight to help our clients achieve the best possible solution from both a legal and a commercial perspective.


We have extensive experience in advising commercial and non-commercial foundations as well as autonomous institutions. Our team consist of highly qualified lawyers with long-standing experience in advising on all areas of law relating to foundations and autonomous institutions.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

We have extensive experience working with insolvency law and restructuring proceedings. If a business is facing bankruptcy or a restructuring process, all legal issues involved must be dealt with swiftly, firmly and by practitioners who understand the dynamics of businesses in distress. We can quickly assess the situation and give advice on how to proceed.


TGB Law is a leading law firm in e-commerce. We advise on marketing, consumer relations, IT, leasing, complaints with public committees and dispute resolution.